Acrylic Painting Class

Acrylic Painting Class with Robert Waldo Brunelle JR at Milton Artists Guild Center
Saturday April 20, 10-4 with lunch break; $40 member, $45

In this class students will learn the basics of painting with acrylic paints. Topics include differences between acrylics and oils, mixing colors, using additives for acrylic paints, types of brushes, creating effects with various brush stroke techniques, composing a painting, and transferring images to canvas.

After students learn the basics, they will work with the teacher to create at least one finished acrylic painting. Materials include:
Paints: White, burnt umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, cerulean blue, cadmium yellow, Prussian or Windsor blue, cadmium red.
Brushes: (be sure to get the kind marked “oils & acrylics”, not “watercolor”). Get small, medium and large sized flat and round brushes.
Palette: a sponge box, or plastic palette, or small jars.
Apron or smock: Acrylics do NOT wash out of clothes!
Something to Paint On: canvas, canvas boards, Masonite panels, or watercolor paper.
Water container and rags or paper towels.
Reference images: photos, drawings, magazine clippings, etc.