INTEGRATING HERBS INTO YOUR PERENNIAL BEDS AND LANDSCAPE - INSTRUCTOR: HEATHER HORRIGAN WEDNESDAY, JULY 17TH, 1:00PM-4:00PM COST: $25.00 LOCATION: NORTH HERO METHODIST CHURCH, ROUTE 2, NORTH HERO AND INSTRUCTOR'S GARDEN, NORTH HERO Learn how to enhance your perennial beds and landscape by integrating herbs. Growing herbs will enhance the look of your beds and provide fresh herbs you can use in cooking. Heather will teach us how to plant and care for herbs and ways to use them in recipes. She will provide recipes as well. The class will include on hour of classroom instruction and then we will go to the instructors house and finish up the class in her garden. The class qualifies for EMG educational hours. Maximum number of participants 10 Ages: 14 and above (under 16 must be accompanied by an adult) Register now! Island