Towns other than those that LCATV generally covers.

LGBTQ News, Headlines and Opinion. Plus Anne Charles's review of the book "My Butch Career" by Esther Newton. Co-hosts: Linda Quinlan, Anne Charles and Keith Goslant. Recorded November 5, 2019....

Program produced by The House of Yahweh, Abilene, TX.   Check out our website for more information.

Presented by Lauren Sopher, Lake Champlain Committee Director. Recorded October 23, 2019.

The Vermont Youth Orchestra performs Grieg’s Peer Gynt Suite No. 2 and works by Tchaikovsky.

Five-Year Average Global Temperature Anomalies from 1980 - 2018. Presented by Lesley-Ann Dupigny-Giroux. Recorded October 25, 2019.

Agency of Human Services 19-P55 to 19-P61, Agency of Natural Resources 19-P43, Agency of Natural Resources 19-P44. Recorded October 31, 2019.

Guest: Deb Markowitz, Ceres Vice President of Initiatives and Campaigns. Co-Hosts: Pat McDonald and Ben Kinsley. Recorded October 7, 2019.

Expert Witnesses, Other Testimony. Recorded November 4, 2019.

Administration's Fiscal Updates, Environmental Contingency Fund Expenditure, Human Services, Update on Four Southern Vermont Bridges, Fiscal Officer's Report, JFO #2979 Grant. Recorded November 4...

Recorded November 6, 2019.


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