Towns other than those that LCATV generally covers.

House Committee on General, Housing and Military Affairs: Housing the Homeless. Recorded January 16, 2109.

The Agricultural Clean Water Initiative: Farm to Plate and 168 Overview. Recorded January 16, 2019.

Vermont State House Special Event - Homeless Awareness Day Rally. Recorded January 16, 2019.

House Committee on Commerce and Economic Development: Secretary of State Office Overview. Recorded January 17, 2019.

Property Valuation, State Auditor's Report, and Budget Adjustment Issues. Recorded January 17, 2019.

Essex Westford Unified Union School District governing board meeting

#SOVT December 4, 2018. Speaker: Mark breen. Producer: Marita Johnson

Female Founders: Libations

House Committee on Corrections & Institutions: School Safety Walk-through. Recorded January 18, 2019.

regular meeting of the Vermont State Board of Education


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